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What a Happy holiday season

Just booked another 3 discounted holidays with our friends.

I don't know how they do some of the Holidays at the price that we get them for. Booking as a group and sharing the benefits has saved us all a packet or an extra holiday for free!!

We started off with a Christmas eve party at Val and Tony’s. Potato pie, followed by all new games and of course an opportunity to wish our friends a happy Christmas.

Seven days later we were back at Val and Tony’s for a “Black Tie” sit down meal. We all did our bit by making part of the menu for what was a fantastic meal. After dinner we then paid a visit to the roulette table, which was professionally run by John. It was a good job that we were only using chips  as John (the banker ) ended up with most of the money. The evening then continued with social dancing until the magic hour of twelve. When the TV was used, to co-ordinate our calibration with the rest of Britain.

On the 2nd January we set off to Potters for a six day holiday. What a place to holiday with friends and as a group we got it at just over half price. WOW!!

The evening shows get better every time we go and the group pricing is the icing on the cake.

This was the eighth time we have been to Potters and was probably the best.

The A59 Club at Potters