Val and Tony

I am being told of many tails that are doing the rounds about us.

We are NOT going to, or want to, set up a club in opposition to the A59.

We both are firm believers that the A59 is a very valuable asset to the community and WE would not do anything to harm it. Indeed we still continue to promote the A59 to people that we come across who we feel would make possible members.

We were not thrown out of the club, but decided to leave as we felt that the undermining of the events  that we were running (by the committee) left us in an unattainable position.

We will still be having an open house to all our friend on New Years Eve, and of course this means any A59 member. We do mean Any member as we bear no malice towards anyone. We will not be running event to undermine the A59 programme, but we will be running events for our wider group of friends and of course the A59 members will be most welcome.
If you feel concerned about any of the wild rumours, please give us a call and we will but the matter to bed for you.
If you could pass on this information to others it would be appreciated.
Please excuse this method of communication, but my normal means have been cut off.